How much will it cost?

Please note : due to the continued uncertainty created by COVID-19 we will do our best to keep the entry fee price unchanged. For those who have not yet entered there may be a small increase in prices once we have done final calculations.

Entry to the competition will be R2500 per competitor. This will include a seat at both the opening as well as the closing ceremony for the competitor. Also included is a bean bag fill. Additional places for the opening ceremony R300p/p and additional places for the prize giving R400p/p. PCP Team entry will be R1500 per team. Springer team entry will be R1000 per team. For those wishing to attend the WFTF Marshaling Course, cost is R500. Additionally there will be a Course Design presentation for R150.

How do I enter?

All shooters will need to contact their Representative Governing Body (RGB) so they can process your registration and payment for you. We will not be accepting direct registration from individual international competitors.

When do I have to pay for my registration?

WFTC 2021 will require payment to reserve a registration so you should expect to make payment at the same time as you make your registration.

What happens if I cancel my registration?

No refunds will be issued for cancellation or non-attendance. The organisation who made your reservation may be able to organize another competitor to take your place or they may be able to pay for sundry items with your credit, but that is up to them.

How do I book accommodation?

ATKV Buffelspoort will issue a booking code for WFTC 2021 on the 1st of November 2020. This code is required to make the accommodation booking for the event.

The booking code is “WFTC2021”. Participants can phone or e-mail booking code WFTC2021 and they will be taken through the options and payments, Contact Number : Tel: +27 14 572 1035/6  or e-mail

When does registration open?

Outline of the registration process for WFTC 2021.

Most entries have already been received, regrettably there were a small number of cancellations which is totally understandable in these uncertain times.

Registration will remain open for anyone who wishes to enter – please contact your local RGB to arrange for entry.

Terms and Conditions – WFTC 2021

By proceeding to enter the competition you consent to having read and understanding the Terms and Conditions of WFTC 2021